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by Tim Baldwin published by FlatheadBeacon   Drones are machines. There is nothing inherently good or bad in them. However, people are rightly concerned about how government, police and military can use them for bad purposes. Rand Paul recently said in Iowa, “[Republicans have] to run somebody who says…[we’re] the party of the Fourth Amendment…that respects your right to privacy.” Unfortunately, Paul’s message falls on deaf ears for many Republicans. Add to this, many police assume your guilt unless you consent to all their requests. It is the conservative &ldquo...
Published: Sunday, May 3, 2015
by Tim Baldwin With technology, the public is becoming increasingly aware of problems with police abuse, brutality and corruption. Everyone has a cell phone and thus a camera. In a real sense, America is filled with millions of independent daily reporters who show everyone what is happening in their local areas. This tool is tremendous to protect liberty, and it is increasingly revealing problems with law enforcement agencies and offices. Despite the common excuse, you can't judge them all by a few bad apples, evidence reveals that our problems with police go beyond a "few bad apples." A recen...
Published: Thursday, April 16, 2015
by Tim Baldwin The Flathead Beacon published the following article of mine it its latest weekly column: Years ago in America, the majority discriminated against people based on sex, religion and race. Until 1920 (19th amendment, USC) women could not vote. Until the 13th and 14th amendments, black people were property. Until 1967, states criminalized white and black people marrying each other. Those who supported these discriminations used either religion or natural law for justification. Liberal thinking people fought these discriminations successfully, and most conservatives today praise this fact. With...
Published: Sunday, April 12, 2015
by Tim Baldwin published in Flathead Beacon, April 3, 2015   Money has always corrupted politics. America is no different, and it will continue to until we pass better laws (whether through statute or constitutional amendment) to protect our political system. Not all corruption can be eliminated, but there are rules that can be implemented to mitigate and punish the tendencies of corruption. The Citizens United decision may have ruled that corporate spending for political advocacy is free speech (and thus protected by the First Amendment), but it did not rule that states cannot require politicians to...
Published: Tuesday, April 7, 2015
by Tim Baldwin published in Flathead Beacon   President Barack Obama has to make a decision on whether to use Iran to fight ISIS. Some commentators have expressed that the U.S. military should not do this, arguing that Iran’s leader is a stately version of Osama Bin Laden. What should Obama do? When a nation engages in a war, it should use other nations (if it can) to win the war, even if that ally is a “lesser enemy” to destroy a “greater enemy.” However, there is another principle involved: when both decisions are equally bad, there is no moral obligation to take affir...
Published: Monday, March 23, 2015

To Keep or Not to Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up their Arms by Chuck and Tim Baldwin

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